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Who are we?

In 1946, Albert Ecoiffier established a company specialised in manufacturing of plastic targets for shooting galleries at funfairs. The company’s expertise in moulding enabled it to later refocus its activity on the production of plastic toys, after Albert’s two children, Jacques and Eliane, joined the family business. The following period of continuous growth allowed the acquisition in 1986 of Hugonnet, a local competitor. After this, construction bricks were added to the company’s product range, complementing outdoor toys and imitation games for chindren from 18 months to 5 years.

In order to benefit from a wider distribution network and to increase his expertise in the toy sector, Jacques Ecoiffier partnered with the Smoby group, after his sister’s retirement in 1994. Meanwhile, his two daughters, Stéphanie and Julie carried on the family tradition by joining the company in 1992 and 1999. In 2008, Jacques Ecoiffier decided to split from the Smoby group and re-hired 42 former employees. Since then, Jouets Ecoiffier has hired seven new employees and has modernised its production processes, which nowadays enables it to sell nearly 10 million toys each year.

Abrick Line

The Abrick line comprises toys for children from 12 months. To the little ones it teaches the colours and the motor function. Those who are older discover numerous topics of everyday life and develop their imagination – the toddler stacks up the bricks forming various shapes and invents the story to go with them.